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How It Works

Most powerful equipmentStep 1:

We uses most powerful equipment on the market. The industrial strength cleaning unit vacuums the dirt and debris from your air duct system.

Access PanelsStep 2:

We need to find Access Panels in your Main Ducts to connect our Vacuum Machine . (If you your system does not have Access Panels, our technician will install them).

Clean all vents individuallyStep 3:

We clean all vents individually, pushing(blowing) all debris, dust, dirt from upper level to your main ducts in the basement towards to our Vacuum Machine using special tools and equipment.

Clean all Cold Air ReturnsStep 4:

We clean all Cold Air Returns. Using the same equipment.

Check your Furnace unitStep 5:

Our Technician will check your Furnace unit.

Push PullStep 6:

We use "Push Pull" Method to clean your air ducts. We push all debris, dust, dirt towards our Vacuum Machine.

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