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Sofia G.
We recently moved in to our new house in Woburn and new that the air ducts needed cleaning. We hired Air Care Marshalls, as they are members of NADCA( national air duct cleaning association). They do very thorough job of cleaning the entire air system. They cleaned every single supply and return vent, using negative pressure machine, air brushes and other tools. The technician is very knowledgeable and he explained me the entire process in details and showed me how the vents looked like inside before and after the cleaning. Great experience, highly recommended!
Becca H.
Air Care Marshalls quoted a very reasonable rate based on a free on site estimate. Jeremy did a great job. He took pictures before the cleaning to show us the extent of dirt in the ducts, and confirmed that there was no presence of mold (or rodent droppings, since we have been dealing with some unwelcome pest issues). He showed us the condition of the blower, and took the time to explain things before getting to work. He was upfront that if we choose to clean the blower, that's an extra fee beyond the initial quote, as the quote had included the ducts/dryer vent only. The technician was in and out in less than 2 hours, and our vents are very visibly cleaner. The only thing that I would change is that I wish that there had been more notice up front that the cost quoted is for check/cash only, and that if you pay with credit card, there's a 5% surcharge. This hadn't been mentioned until the visit. Will definitely be working with them for any future duct cleaning needs.
J.C. M.
Hired ACM to clean my vents and investigate uneven heating/cooling in my home. Eugene was great; he was honest and explained the process clearly and left the home in exactly the same condition. The vent cleaning ended up picking up about a pint of loose debris. I recommend fully.